Fr. Ejaz Update 2015

Fr. Ejaz has been in regular contact with Fr. Murphy and has recently sent photographs of his Christmas Masses. These are displayed at the back of Our Lady & St Thomas Church for everyone to see.

This Christmas the Christians in Pakistan had to be very careful not to be seen to “celebrate” Christmas when the country was in a state of mourning, following the dreadful school massacre in the North West of Pakistan. Fr. did manage to hold Christmas Masses (surrounded by soldiers and police) and he also managed to have a quiet party for the orphaned children with a small gift for each child. Referring to the children in Father’s care, a great deal of the money that we send to Pakistan is used to support these 41 children. It costs £15 per month to feed and clothe each child, plus £5 rising to £15 (depending on age) to pay for each child to attend school. There is no state education system in Pakistan.

With regard to the Orphanage we have been pleased to hear that the building work has resumed after the heat of the summer and the loss of labour to help with the flood disaster. Fr. Ejaz now hopes to complete the upper storey and roof within the next three months.

A worrying development has been the introduction of new security regulations for schools (8ft walls and closed circuit T.V.) The government do not provide any money for these new provisions and as you know the Christian schools are run by charity and they cannot afford this extra cost. As a result the police have simply closed the schools. Fr. Ejaz is now trying to negotiate with the Police Commissioner to re-open these schools. As always he needs our prayers and relies on us for our spiritual support as well as the money we are able to send. Fr. Ejaz is most grateful for the continued help he receives from our two parishes.

January 2015

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