Welcome to Class 3

Class 3 Information Sheet for Parents

Welcome to Class Three. Some of you might be returning for the second year and some of you might be joining us for the first time. This sheet is to help explain some of the practises within our class to help support your child reach their own potential.

Reading – As a school, we encourage the children to read at least four times a week. In Class Three we like to challenge ourselves to read five times.  In addition to this, I ask that the children’s books are in school each day, so they can read at every opportunity to an adult or partner child. I check the books each day to see if they have been signed at home. The children have a class challenge to have everyone on their table with a signed reading record so I’m sure they have been pestering to have their records signed. Please listen to your child read and then  just date an initial their records if you are short on time. 

We don’t have a specific day for changing reading books as the children change them themselves.  When your child has finished reading a book just sign as normal and then they can change their book at school during break time. This is monitored by myself and Mrs Luke. If your child is reading a book at home this can be recorded in their reading record. Encourage your child to have a balance between their school book and their home book.  

Some children in our class have ‘Reading Buddies’ to give them extra support, others are heard as often as possible by an adult in school if it is felt this is necessary.  

Each time you hear your child read please record this in their reading record. If you could date and initial to acknowledge that you have heard them.  You don’t need to write a comment every time if you don’t want to. Try to hear them read as often as possible, even if they are confident readers, as it is important to encourage the children to read aloud including expression and using punctuation.  

Spellings – Each week we focus on a different spelling rule.  This will be on Monday. The children will then receive spellings on Thursday as part of their homework. This will be in the form of a list of words with example sentences. The children are asked to practise over the weekend ready for a test on Monday. I will use some of the spelling from the spelling list but also some other words which follow the spelling pattern. This is to encourage the children to learn the spelling pattern rather than a list of words. Please support your children by going through their spelling patterns with them.

Mental Maths – is a big focus and being able to recite and recall tables can really support this. As I am sure you are aware there is a new test which will be administered to Year 4 their year. The children need to know their tables up to 12×12 by this point. The test is administered online and the children have to answer the questions within six seconds. Each child has a times table they are working on.  Once a week they have to demonstrate their learning by completing a simulated version of the test only on the table they have been practising. Encourage your child to practise a few minutes each day to help them achieve their challenge. There is an additional sheet available with websites which you can use to practise with your child.

P.E. – is always on a Friday. The children should come to school wearing their school P.E. kit and with suitable footwear as they will be using the school field. On Thursday, we also have the privilege of going swimming.  Each week the children will need their swimming kits and will take them home on Thursday evenings. If there is a reason your child cannot swim, either a note or a message at the office is required – thank you.  

Other Topics – Alongside Literacy and Numeracy this year we will be covering three broad topics into which the other subjects are linked.  In the Autumn, we will be exploring our local area with a focus on why there were so many mines in County Durham. We will then move on to Ancient Egypt, in the Spring we will be looking at rivers and the Maya and in the Summer we will be learning about rainforests, with a focus on how we can help our environment.  If your child has something they would like to share with the class linked to the topic they are more that welcome to bring them in but the children are responsible for their own objects safety.  

Class Charter – As a class, children agreed their own class charter.  This is displayed around the room for the children to refer to.  It links into our rewards system and following the charter earns rewards.

Warning Board – for unacceptable behaviour.  Children receive two warnings, which mean they lose time from their playtime.  If the behaviour persists a letter is sent home informing parents of their behaviour.

House Points – Each child is in a school ‘house’.  They are awarded house points for example good work, behaviour, kindness etc.  

Smile Certificate – Is a reward given by the class teacher at the end of the day.

Table Bricks We also have table bricks. These are used to encourage the children to work together as a group. They earn bricks for making sure their table is organised and ready for work.

If there is ever any difficulty at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me – I am always willing to discuss things with you so that we can work together to ensure your child does the very best they can.   

Mrs Pearson

September 2019

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