Developing our School Garden 2010

Our school garden was funded by a National Lottery Grant of £10,000 in 2010.   The first step was to create the paths, this was completed in February 2011.  The paths had to be left to harden so that we could walk safely on them. We decided where we were going to have our raised beds and the timber sleepers were purchased, measured and then cut to our requested dimensions.  We decided on four raised beds so that we could grow a range of vegetables. In March 2011 our Gazebo was erected and work began in the school playground.

The senses garden was moved and a reflection area was created which is surrounded by a wooden fence.  Towards the end of March the school playground was developed and an impressive stage and seating area was created. The boulders were lowered into place to create a climbing area for the children. They also double up as a seating area when the children perform on the stage.

During the early days members of the school and community made up a working party, we filled the raised beds with compost, lay the mesh for the fruit bushes and covered the ground with wood chip. As well as tidying the pond and tidying the wildlife area. We also purchased a shed to keep our equipment in.

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