Pokemon Go – Advice for Parents

Many parents will know this is a hugely popular game which can be very enjoyable but parents will want to help their children minimise any risks from playing. As ever the advice is to discuss this with your children!
• Distraction. As players view the world through a screen to catch a Pokemon it is very easy to lose concentration and to walk into traffic, tree or lamp-post. Ensure your children are in a safe place!
• Stranger Danger. A player’s location is tracked, stored, and revealed to nearby players, including both children and adults. Parents will want to remind their children that the same stranger danger rules apply to strangers helping them catch a Pokemon as much as they do to accepting sweets from people they do not know.
• Data. Parents of children under the age of 13 must confirm their child’s account. The game uses a lot of computing power and a data connection, parents should be aware that their child’s phone could be flat ( making it difficult to contact them! ) and that they ought to be aware of ongoing data costs from their phone company.
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