Investors in Children

Investing in Children is a UK initiative which promotes the human rights of children and young people. The Investing in Children membership scheme recognises and celebrates examples of imaginative and inclusive practice with children and young people. Organisations applying for the award have to demonstrate dialogue with young people which leads to change. However, children themselves have to provide evidence and endorse the membership report because it is a children’s award. There are currently 500 members across the UK.

Eleanor Seed from IiC came to school in July and met with the Head Boy and Girl, Harry and Frankee, and members of the School Council. During her visit, she talked to the children about the things which they had been doing over the past year as well as their views on their school and how it is run. She was extremely impressed with how confident and articulate even the youngest members of the council were and was pleased to note that there were a number of ways in which pupils at OLST are most definitely involved in dialogue resulting in change. Her report noted that, ‘Pupil voice is central to the decision making process at OLST’ and that ,’Pupils know they are special and unique and that staff value them and their opinions’. She also noted that Staff encourage the children to understand that not everyone has the same opinion as them but that through the use of dialogue and democratic processes a solution can be found.  What impressed Eleanor most was that pupil voice is so embedded in the day to day practice of OLST, that both staff and children see it as a matter of course.

The children made a recommendation that in future, the Head Boy and Girl should attend the monthly School Council meetings so that they have a general overview of what is happening and they would also like to see a start and finish sign erected on the trim trail so that the youngest children are not confused when using it.

Once again, congratulations to everyone on this award – we all work hard to make our school the very special place that it is and it is lovely that people from outside of school recognise the team effort that goes into making this so.

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