Investing in Children Membership Award for the 6th Time!


Our school has achieved the Investing in Children Award for the 6th time.  Harry, Frankie, Evan, James, Alice, Lucy, Phoebe, Owen, Harmann, Maggie, Noah and Abbie helped gather the evidence for our report alongside Mrs Fulton. for helping me gather the evidence to write this report.Dialogue resulting in Change
Children at Our Lady and St Thomas are included in dialogue in the following ways:
 Head Boy/Girl.
 School Council.
 10 minute slot in timetable (weekly) for discussion between School Council and other pupils in their class. This is totally lead by children and teachers have no part in it.
 Feelings boards.
 Pupil questionnaire X 2 per year.
 Sports Day questionnaire x1 per year.
 Worry box.
 Worry Bear (KS1).
 Collaborative decision process to develop class charters at the beginning of each year.
 Children are included in decision making at all levels.
 Mini Vinnies – this a group which is connected to a Catholic organisation – the SVP (Saint Vincent de Paul) and their remit is to make a difference to their local community.
 Developing and delivering masses and collective worship.
 Circle Time.

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