Right Click E-Safety

After school we had a really thought provoking session on how we can be safer online. This session was run by two volunteers from BT who work with the internet every day. This session we made even better because some of our parents and grandparents came along. This meant we could have some meaningful discussions about what we feel about the online worlds.

We thought about what we do not like about the internet and our parents had to think about the good and the bad things. This helped our parents to see how important the internet is but also they could see how wary we are about it. The presenters talked to us about what we might post online and to think about the less we share with people the less there is for them to use against us.

A big concern from some of our parents was about how long we spend online and gaming. The presenters explained ways in which we can limit the internet access and have some offline time.

Everyone left the session with a plan on what we can do to make sure we are safer online and with a much better understanding of why it is important to talk to the adults around us about what we do online.

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