Celebrating St Nicholas Day in Slovakia

December 6th is St Nicholas Day and in Slovakia St Nicholas is known as sv. Mikulas.  He comes during the evening of December 5th and gives presents to good children. Young children place their clean shoes near the door so sv. Mikulas, can leave a gift in them. 

On Sunday December 4th at Our Lady & St Thomas church we all had a lovely surprise; Niamh shared with us this lovely custom and gave members of the parish a packet of sweets. 

During Advent in Slovakia lots of preparations are made for Christmas just as we do in England. Carps are sold on the street from big tanks (carp is eaten in the main Christmas meal).

Christmas Eve is the most important day during Christmas for Slovaks.  It is called ‘Stedry den’ (the Generous Day). The actual evening is called, ‘Stedry vecer’ (the Generous Evening) and the Christmas season is called, ‘Vianoce’ . In Slovakian Happy/Merry Christmas is, ‘Versels Vianoce’.

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