A Special Visitor for Reception and Year 1

Today when we arrived in our classroom we were shocked to find a huge mess. There was a crushed apple on the shelf, our maths sticks all over the floor, toys and cushions everywhere and chairs upside down and on the table. In the middle of the mess was an enormous box. After we talked for a while about what might be inside the box we heard a mysterious sound. It was a sound that none of us had ever heard before.
After a while we found a letter which had been hidden inside our Big Write books. It fell onto the floor. It was from a sad and worried mum who came from a planet called Mot. She had written to us to ask if we had found her baby boy, Pog. We decided that it was a good time to open the box. Inside, to our surprise, we discovered Pog, the alien baby. Luckily Pog was very friendly and so pleased to see us.
Although Reception and Year 1 really wanted to keep Pog in our classroom they agreed that he should go home to his mum. We turned his box into a rocket and sent him back to Planet Mot.
We certainly had plenty to write about today.
Reception and Year 1