Shakespeare Festival

In March ten Y4 children took part in a Shakespeare festival which was held at King James secondary school in Bishop Auckland. We are part of the Shakespeare Associate Schools Programme and along with 5 other primary schools we performed our scene from The Tempest.

The children had rehearsed their scene and decided they wanted to add music to help set the scene. Each of the sprites represented the elements of Earth, Wind and Water and the children decided what instruments would best fit their ideas of the elements.

The children who had lines to say had practiced hard and were able to project their voices into the audience so that they were clearly heard. The scene was performed brilliantly with all children, responsibly and seriously assuming the role of actors.

The whole performance was excellent and showed just what the young people in all our primary schools can do. We are now looking forward to our performance in Stratford in July and are waiting to see what scene we have been allocated.

Two children, accompanied by a teacher, from each Associate school will be going to Stratford at the beginning of July. They will join children from other schools from all regions of the country and together they will be performing The Tempest in front of an audience which will include members of the RSC.

This will be a fantastic experience for all the children that are involved and we now have 6wks of rehearsals where we will be rehearsing with the other children from our cluster of Associate schools.

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