A Day In The Garden.

It was a lovely clear sunny day when Class 2 spent a day in the garden. The day was spent identifying trees by their leaves and we used a leaf spotter guide to help us. The children then had to use natural things found in the garden to create a picture of a tree which they then had to label. We looked at the roots of plants and had to identify plants from their seeds.
We learnt that there are different methods of seed dispersal and matched the seeds to the method. Sam then told the children a number of leaf names which he wanted them to collect. In groups they used a hammer and the leaves to make some lovely leaf printed fabric squares. The shape of the leaves and flowers were really clear to see and the children enjoyed using the hammer to crush the leaves which they did very sensibly and carefully.
The day ended with a treat. Isabelle started and lit the fire which we then toasted marshmallows over. These were then put between 2 chocolate digestive biscuits. We had a lot of sticky fingers and chocolate mouths but everyone agreed that we’d had an excellent day in the garden with lots of fun and we had learned such a lot about plants.

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