Class 2 Going On The Christmas Journey

On Monday 4th December Class 2 made their way down to ‘Messy Church’. We were all set to go on a Christmas Journey. We were welcomed when we arrived and took off our coats then sat together as we listened to the story of Creation.
God’s world had not been taken care of so he decided to do something about it. We next visited Mary as she sat in her mother’s kitchen and made fresh bread. The children all had a taste of the fresh, crunchy bread and declared it to be delicious. Suddenly! an angel appeared with some news for Mary and she learnt that she was to have a baby and that she was to call him Jesus.
We moved on to a hillside where a shepherd told us how tired he was, so the children helped him out and became shepherds for a while. Everyone got into the spirit of it all and wore a headdress.
After the angels had paid the shepherd a visit we then moved onto a stable where some disgruntled animals were having a conversation about the number of visitors they had received, all because a baby had been born.
We next moved onto the tent of a wise man who told us he had been studying the stars and had spotted a new star in the sky which meant there was a new king. He was on his way to find him and give him the gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.
The last part of our journey led us into a tent which had a beautifully decorated tree, presents, and cards and was brightly lit by Christmas lights. We reminded us about how we had not looked after God’s world so he had sent us a gift. We all knew that the gift God had given to the world was, Jesus.
After our journey had ended the children were all invited to take part in a craft activity. They made a beautiful angel Christmas tree decoration and a laminated place mat.
We set off back to school at the end of the day just in time for us to meet the parents. Everyone agreed they had enjoyed themselves and seeing the Christmas Story come to life gave more meaning to their understanding of Christmas.

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