The sun was shining on Class 2 as we spent the day in the Garden with Sam. Our Outdoor Learning was based around our Science topic Animals and their Habitats. The children found many micro-habitats within the garden and were keen to use the magnifying pots to collect mini-beasts from under rotting wood, on leaves, on flowers and many other places.
The children particularly enjoyed pond dipping. We are very fortunate in having our own pond which we can utilise. We found all sorts of creatures living in the pond and the children used an identification sheet to help them understand what they had caught. Maths also came into the activity as each group of children had to create a tally chart of the creatures they had caught. At the end of the session everyone worked out how many creatures we had caught in total. Of course all the creatures were returned safely back to the pond.
Towards the end of the day the children practiCed their fire lighting skills using a flint and steel then we had toasted marshmallows squished between digestive biscuits which everyone really enjoyed. The sun had shone all day and as well as having a good time we also learned a lot about the micro-habitats which exist in our community garden and the creatures that live in them.

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