On Monday 4th June our trip to Kingsway was finally here. It was a bright day as we loaded on our bags and boarded the bus. We travelled through beautiful scenery as our bus made its way to Middleton-in-Teasdale.
The 1st job the children had, was to make their beds. As usual this provided quite a bit of entertainment as pillow cases were fought with and duvet covers wrestled with, not to mention the ordeal of having to put on a fitted sheet which refused to be fitted (and that was just the adults) After beds were made and clothes unpacked we all settled down to eat our packed lunches.
The sun was shining as we wriggled into buoyancy jackets, cagoules and helmets. We were all dressed ready for a wet day on the river. It was an afternoon of building rafts. The group were split into two and we were given barrels, ropes and wood and instructions on how to tie the knots we would need in order for our raft to be secure.
Once built the rafts were carried down to the riverside and launched with 8 children and adults sat astride each one. After a lot of fun paddling upstream and being splashed by the instructors the inevitable happened, and we all ended up in the water.
After a hot shower, dinner and hot chocolate it was time to settle down for the night. Peace and quiet, except for the owls hooting.
The 2nd day had us climbing the high ropes up in the trees. For some of us it was challenging and took nerves of steel but everyone no matter how much or how little we did, felt a sense of achievement and everyone completed the ‘leap of faith’, even Mrs Veitch had a go.
The afternoon was spent gorge walking and for this activity we wore wet suits which caused a lot of giggles as everyone squeezed and pushed each other in. The highlight was the waterfall jump. Suspended from a rope and harness you are swung out into the full force of the waterfall. An exhilarating experience, I think everyone would agree.
After dinner later that night we had a camp fire and marshmallows were roasted then to end the day hot chocolate was drunk before going to bed. Not much talking that night as everyone was exhausted.
Wednesday saw us packing and getting ready for leaving. We had 1 activity before lunch, archery, something which we haven’t done before. It required lots of concentration and strength to aim the arrow at the target. Some of the children were brilliant and have an excellent eye for the target. Maybe we might see them at future Olympic Games!
Once again another brilliant time was had by everyone at Kingsway. Rob and Amy and all the instructors are first class at what they do and made everyone feel at ease with their encouragement, praise and support

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