George Burdon McKean

Class 4 have been involved in a really exciting mini project just recently. It involved looking at the actions of a local man who was awarded the Victoria Cross for events during World War 1. George Burdon McKean, who was born in Willington and served in the Canadian Army, acted as a scout between enemy trenches over a two day period, risking his own life and saving others.  He then went on to perform other brave feats during service in France. Captain McKean was honoured by The Canadian Government, The French Government and Durham County Council and you may have noticed the memorial that has been erected outside the library as a permanent reminder of his actions.

The children thoroughly enjoyed two sessions of History learning about his heroic actions and looking at maps of the trench lines. They talked to two gentlemen from the DLI and then some of them took part in the parade and unveiling of the memorial.

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