The Blitz

Class 4 are currently studying World War 2 as their History topic. The work will cover aspects of life for children during the War and how it affected the way they lived. The children have just spent some time looking at the Blitz. They were fascinated to discover why the Germans attacked cities and which cities in particular. They learned that the term ‘Blitz’ came from the German word ‘Blitzkreig’ meaning ‘Lightning War’ and that the Blitz altered the way many children lived as they were evacuated into the safer areas in the British countryside to protect them.  Our class novel ‘Letters from The Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll is based upon the adventures of two such evacuees.

Children will be writing biographies of some of the major public figures of Wartime Britain such as Winston Churchill and they will also study the diary of Anne Frank, again, looking at an aspect of war through the eyes of a child.

As always, we look for any chance to develop our Artistic skills and the Blitz proved to offer a perfect  opportunity to explore texture through collage. Take a look at the image of our stunning work.

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