The Royal Wedding

Class 4 celebrated the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in style last Friday. After a long week of SATs, Mrs Fulton felt that a spot of art was in order! The children were given quite a difficult task – one that Mrs Fulton felt might actually be just a bit too challenging for her class, but no! The children completed the task and produced some stunning images of Harry and Meghan.

The children were given half an image of one of the royal pair and they had to complete it. They were asked to think about shade and tone, shape and line and they only had a pencil to complete the task. Mrs Fulton was amazed at the levels of concentration shown and indeed, most children spent all morning on the activity, producing some of their finest work yet.

Completed images will be displayed in the class gallery as an example of what we really can do when we set our mind to something!

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