The Unbroken Misson!


It is now the Spring Term and Class 4 are well and truly back into the swing of things!  In March, our school is going to be involved in the Escomb Partnership Mission which will link our Parish, school and ST John’s school with the other Parishes and schools in our partnership. Over three weeks we will be looking at the theme of the Mission and how it is relevant to us.

Class 4 have started preparatory work  already, involving our English, PHSCE and RE as well as some Drama. The title of the Mission is UNBROKEN and it relates to God’s unbroken love for each and every one of us.  The children watched a Powerpoint and listened to a fabulous song and then went on to look at how a chain is strong when all the links are intact. We had a great time in the hall, making chains and seeing how strong they could be!  After a great morning’s work, the children are ready to help other pupils understand the idea behind the Mission and get us off to a great start!

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