Autumn Term Topics

What an exciting beginning to this year we have!

In R.E., we will find out about Jesus’ family tree. This give us a chance to see what our families can teach us and how they can shape the people we are.

In geography we will be exploring historical maps and trying to work out why there were s many mines in County Durham. The children will learn about their local area and create maps to show where these historical places were.

In History we will move on to exploring the Ancient Egyptians. This is a topic which always interests the children and I love to explore alongside them. We will think about how advanced they were as a people: from their culture, to religion and of course mummification.

In Science, we are going to find out how we can create a burglar alarm, by constructing circuits and investigating which material will conduct electricity.

In English, we are going to begin by creating bedtime stories. We are going to think about the stories we like to hear at bedtime and try to create our own dragon adventure to read.

In Maths, we will begin with out times tables. They are vitally important in developing mental fluency. We will then move on to place value. I cannot wait to see how we can use Cheerios to represent numbers.

In Computing, we will have a focus on e-safety this term. From creating a safe environment online to having a good online/offline balance.

I look forward to exploring their ideas with Class 3 and I am sure we will be able to answer some really big questions along the way.

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