Class 2 Autumn Term

Class 2  Autumn 2019


Topics for this term 

In Geography, Magical Mapping will be used to teach the class to develop key map skills through a range of engaging skill based activities.  Children will be exploring a range of local maps and how to navigate around an atlas to find key countries, continents and rivers. They will learn to ‘view from above’ by looking at ariel photographs to spot human and physical features as well as devising their own maps.  They will gain an understanding of simple map symbols and develop key geographical vocabulary.

This term our History topic will be War and Remembrance and we will find out who Walter Tull was; a significant individual in British history.  The children will deepen their historical awareness and understanding by studying photographic primary sources and taking part in speaking and listening activities.  They will find out more about the origins of Remembrance Day and what it means to us. As well as learning about the animals who helped the soldiers and the importance of women’s roles on the home front.


In Science our topic is materials and we will be identifying, how materials are used, and why an object is made from certain materials because of the properties of the materials.  We will be conducting investigations to test out materials to see how they change shape and comparing the suitability of materials.

Religious Education

Our Re topic this term is Beginnings and the children have been asked to think of any new beginnings they have made such as; starting Judo, or having swimming lessons.  They are learning that God is there at each and every new beginning we make.


Our Art this term is focussing on collage and using a range of materials.  We have linked it to our RE topic Beginnings and have decorated some of the animals which God created and are going to use them to create a classroom display.


Class 2 helpful information

Homework:   Each Friday homework will be given.  This is to be completed and returned to school the following Monday morning.  The homework will link in with the topics the children have covered throughout the week.  It will usually be English and times tables. Sometimes it may be linked to topic work. Each Monday morning the children are responsible for bringing their homework book into the classroom and marking their names off on a class list.  If there is anything your child finds difficult then please make a comment in their homework book so that I become aware of it and then I will be able to help them.

Reading books: Children are asked to return their reading books each Wednesday morning.   They will be changed each Wednesday evening and given back to your child on Thursday. Children are encouraged to read each night at home.   Please ensure that each time you hear your child read, you sign and date their reading record book.

Spelling Test:Every Monday the children receive new spellings to learn.  These are to be practiced throughout the week at home. The spellings are linked to the spelling patterns they are learning throughout the week and each Thursday morning they have a spelling test.  The spelling test is done at the back of their spelling books so that parents can see the results of their weekly tests.

MonitorsEach week two children are given the role of classroom monitors.  This means they have various responsibilities throughout the week.  They are responsible for; giving out the guided reading boxes, collecting in books, giving out books, logging off the computers, shutting the computers down, getting out the homework/reading book box, to mention just a few responsibilities.  They take their roles very seriously and are always keen to check the weekly rota to see who are the next monitors.

Indoor shoes: Children need a pair of indoor shoes labelled with their name.

Classroom Charter:  All children in school have written their own class charter ‘acceptable behaviour’.  Their reward is Golden time. Consequences of not following the charter are that they miss minutes of Golden time.

Foundation Friday: Each Friday the whole school takes part in a timetabled day of Foundation Curriculum subjects.  Subjects covered this term are; Art, DT, Spanish, Music, PSHCE. 

PE: Each Thursday  your child will need to bring their PE kit into school. They will need to bring a pair of trainers as where possible, the children go outside for PE. On Friday your child needs to come to school wearing their PE kit as they have a timetabled session with a coach.

Thank You,


Mrs Whitfield

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