Book In A Jar Competition

Calling All Who Are Bonkers About Books!

We are running a ‘Book in a jar’ competition after half term, to celebrate World Book Day which is on Thursday 7th March 2019. We are inviting you to think about a how a favourite book, could be represented in a simple jar.

Any clear jar can be used eg a coffee jar, jam jar or pickle jar (obviously without the contents!). It is entirely up to you how you represent the book but you should include carefully chosen items to represent your book, selected quotes, perhaps even clues about its characters or setting. There are some examples on the school website for you to have a look at and as you can see from them, you don’t have to be an artistic genius to enter – enthusiasm and a good idea are all that is necessary!

This isn’t a compulsory competition: any child can enter and any adult can help them – this is a lovely way to share a book with a child before creating the jar and is lots of fun. Please make sure that any ‘Book in a jar’ competition entries are clearly labelled with the book that is being represented, the child’s full name and year group.

All entries should be in school by Wednesday 6th March for judging.  Winners will be announced on Thursday 7th March and the jars will be available for viewing by the whole school as part of our World Book Day celebrations. They will also be displayed in the school hall after school for any of you who wish to view them.

Many thanks for your support and good luck!

Mrs Fulton

(A teacher who is bonkers about books!)

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