This partnership established in 2005 has supported teacher exchanges and joint projects based upon UNICEF Children’s Rights. Children in both schools now appreciate the link between a right and the responsibility that goes with it. Pupils at OLST appreciate that material goods don’t equate with happiness. Teachers in both schools have a wider view of education. UK teachers have experienced working in a Tanzanian school. Kivulini Primary School now has a School Council that supports decision making.

Support from OLST and the local community has resulted in the building of a school house and kitchen.Kivulini Primary School and the community have supported us in becoming a Level 2 Rights Respecting School

In 2010 both schools concentrated on Article 24, ‘Children have the right to clean water and a clean environment’; this links with the words of St Matthew:

‘I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink’

The whole community worked together with a local charity, Dorothy’s Well, to raise a staggering £17,600 which provided latrines and a wind propelled well that serves not only Kivulini Primary but a neighbouring school and two local villages. The opening ceremony took place in August 2010, news of this was shared at community events including a Christmas Tree competition.

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Visit to Kivulini Primary School Tanzania by Our Lady & St Thomas staff

February 7th – February 15th 2013

 As many of you will recall this partnership was established in 2005 and was originally based upon UNICEF Children’s Rights.  Our new project to be launched in February 2013 is a curriculum based study of local environments.

 Mrs. Gowland and Mrs. Fulton will be working in classrooms in Kivulini Primary School Tanzania whilst staff and pupils at Our Lady & St Thomas .will participate in an environment week. Activities will encompass studying the flora and fauna of each environment and art work will be created to reflect what the children learn.

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