Parents What You Need To Know

Dear Parent / Carer,

As you know, we are constantly reviewing the procedures and systems we currently have in place at school, in order that we keep everyone as safe as possible.  Last week, we made a change in pick up times however, it was immediately apparent that this system has not worked and there has been more congestion on the school premises and in Cumberland Terrace.  Unfortunately, we have seen a large increase in the number of people bringing cars into Cumberland Terrace over the last few days and this is making it much more difficult to clear the areas around school quickly. We would once again, appeal to you to park elsewhere and walk the children into the street.


In order to try to alleviate this problem, from Monday 28th September we are reverting to the previous arrangement for pick-up with some slight alterations, which we hope will be the final change!  The morning drop-off system is working well and remain the same.


Arrangements will be as follows:

Whilst  ‘windows’ of time will continue in the morning, at home-time, we are assigning a definite pick-up time. We would ask that you aim to stick to this time and do not come early.


If your child is in a family group then the family group time applies, NOT the class time.  If your child is not in a family group then they should be collected at the stated class time please.


Class 1:                         Classroom door pick up.                                            2.50pm


Class 2:                         Large green gate at bottom of car park.                    3.00pm


Class 5:                         Class 5 exit as usual                                                 3.10pm


Family Groups               Usual pick up point                                                   3.10pm


Class 3                          Usual pick up point                                                   3.20pm


Class 4                          Usual pick up point                                                   3.20pm


As you can imagine, the logistics of getting everyone out of school as quickly and safely as possible, is not easy to organise.  We appreciate your patience, whilst we strive to improve this system for all.  We thank you for the efforts that you are making in order to assist us with this and ensure the safety of the whole school community.

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